Haelith is a town/trading post of Half Elves and some Tuathan elves which resides on the edge of Tuathan lands. These elf-kin fill a niche— they receive the protection and connection to the Tuathan elves that they may have through marriage or bloodline, but also engender the trust of humans in dealing of trade.  It is also a way that Humans are able to make initial connection with the Tuathan Elves in order to have meetings of political and commercial nature. If the business is to be conducted within Tuathan lands, Elven authorities will pick up their charges in Haelith and escort them into the Tuathan lands, bypassing the magical protections.  Most business of political nature is brought into the Tuathan realm due to its magical protections from scrying. Trade negotiations typically occur within Haelith.

This has caused Haelith to become a vital and growing town, filled with some unique luxuries for its size. It is able to provide premium services to the visiting dignitaries and have access to merchants of all types, who are eager to build a rapport with the Tuathans and find Haelith an easier entry point than contacting Tuathan merchants directly. Since some Tuathans live there with their human or half-elven partners, it is a town that has been beautifully crafted to meld the arts of Tuatha with human skills, utilizing thought and patience that only the long-lived can exhibit.  Therefore, it has begun to almost attract a type of tourism for those seeking an escape from the mundane lives or tribulations they may be facing.  Haelith’s friendly mayor, Urisiendivar Seeboth – a half-elf with an elven wife (Orinialeyeth) – seeks to maintain a positive relationship with Tuatha as best possible, but also wants to encourage the growth of the town into a full city – which may not be desirable to the Tuathan rulers.

Prominent PeopleEdit

Urisiendivar Seeboth - Mayor of Haelith

Orinialeyeth - Mayor's wife.

Prominent PlacesEdit

The Therulian Circle - This building has taken great care to be crafted with a mind towards blending the outer world with the inner world of the Tuathan elves. It is here that most trade negotiations or preliminary meetings occur with the Tuathans.

Town Hall - 

Perris Jago - The best inn in town.

Lustre - Callistrian temple and brothel of some reknown.