Izmir is a city situated on the southeastern shore of The Deepest Lake, and is centered around the worship of Iomedae. Other religions have significant presences as well, but only those that lean towards the lawful and good side of things, and only those that are centered on gods with whom the Inheritor is on good terms. The citizens of the rest of the Land tend to view Izmirians as stern and humorless, but fair, hardworking, reliable, and trustworthy.

Draconic ProtectorateEdit

Izmir is one of many cities that is under the explicit protection of a great and ancient metallic dragon. This was the mighty Na-Calanon, who just recently was destroyed by one of the Twelve Abominations of Marianasu. As of now, a new draconic prefect for the city is yet to be named.


Izmir is home to a tremendous number of orphanages, and is well-known as a place where parentless children will be safe, and raised well in a supervised (indeed; military) environment. A very large percentage of these orphans end up joining the ranks of the Izmirian Paladine, who are clerics, fighters, and of course paladins who act as a sort of all-around "first-responder force" for any place in the Land that will allow them to do so.

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