Each year, when the longest night is nigh, the Tuathan warriors, druids and rangers undertake the Wild Hunt.

During sunset, the elves gather in each of the great cities of the forests. There, a ceremony is held where arcane and divine magics are melded together to bless those undergoing the hunt – deemed The Riders. A ritual drink is prepared of berries, mosses and herbs that enhance the awareness and intertwine the thoughts of the Hunt. A gourd is passed among the Riders. This drink allows them to move as one hunt, one rider, one heartbeat…one flowing force of goodness from the wilds.

When the moon rises, upon their steeds, some running on foot faster than any animal, elf and beast join together to hunt Orc, Goblin, and all evil that stands in their way in a rite from before time was recorded.

The Wild Hunt serves to remind all of the bond between the animals, the forests, and the elves. All manner of good beasts, and some neutral, include themselves in the ritual. The hunt continues until dawn, using every last moment of the longest night to enact the ancient ritual and slay all evil. Upon the first rays of dawn, the magics placed upon them release, and they dissipate back to their homes.

Tales and myths of the Wild Hunt have been passed through the centuries in other cultures and races, many times repeated with gods or demons riding in the sky, and to look upon them is to foretell your death. This may have been true for evil mortals in their path, but all others are magically stunned by the sight. The elves’ eyes are opened with Truesight to see the tenor of a being, and if your soul bleeds black, it is released from your skin.