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The Four Forests of the Tuathan Kingdom

The Elven Kingdom of Tuatha is a lush and glorious woodlands, peopled by strongly magical elves - an ancient and proud kingdom.

The Four ForestsEdit

The Tuathan Elves have protected and lived in the Forests of the West (four major Tuathan Forests covering hundreds of miles: Illunidell, Varynadell, Nadell, Simeridell) since before songs are sung and tales were recorded.  Within Elven culture, they are a revered clan with friendly ties to the Lumeril and Faradwen clans (less so with the Enhathladi), representing a quarter of the land-based elven culture of the known world. The Tuathan kingdom is vast and lush, protected by myriad powerful magics, and those who would seek to destroy it face their wrath.

Tuathan cities and Forests are places of magic and wonder, and strong magics protect and allow travel throughout the forest as part of its defense and maintenance.  Few enter the Tuathan Forests unless they are known, invited, or other Elves.  Those who try are hopelessly lost in a maze of forest until they turn back or are able to escape the arcane magics.

Tuathan Crown and Royal LineEdit

The kingdom is run through a steady bloodline; the child of the king and queen is the new ruler, whether male or female. They are expected to take a partner, and have a single child. Both King and Queen are expected to be masters of magic, whether divine or arcane, and a child of the Royal family is ordained through omen reading to be stronger in one or another form. Wizards and Druids are the usual result. Some few have found themselves drawn to a god and become clerics, but the duties of their bloodline come before the duties to a religion or church.

No matter which magical affiliation, the children of royalty are trained to sing the tales of the elves and of the clan, knowing their history and bloodlines to the birth of Tuath’amiel and beyond. They are also educated in leadership and cultivated to someday ascend to the throne of Tuatha, when the current king and queen step down and become advisors, or when they die (less common these days of fewer involvements in the wars of the mortals.) The palace tree tower of the royal family is in the forest of Illunidell, the city of Ilitheris and protected by great magics.

The King, Queen and offspring usually take part in The Wild Hunt, ceremonies and traditions of Tuatha. However, the child of the royal bloodline is not inducted to the Coming of Age. It is deemed to be too dangerous to threaten the royal bloodline of the Tuathans by losing track of the child for 101 years. Instead, the royal child is slowly included in the activities of running the kingdom, including travel outside of the lands to other state events or the gathering of the clans once every 100 century.

The royal bloodline has long been fair of skin and hair, with eyes the hue of gemstones. Only one outlier in the royal bloodline ever strayed from this appearance, and she was an oddity of a second child, not heir to the crown. Her history and behavior led future rulers to be careful to ensure that only one child is born of the royal couple.

Unwritten traditions also continue to be upheld – each royal heir refrains from the light-hearted relationships and couplings that other elves may indulge in. With so much political importance on the relationship and continuation of the bloodline, it is not feasible to have such liaisons. Additionally, the chosen partner is usually found through cyrete – at least for the last several royal pairings. While this is not required, it is considered to be a part of the legacy of the bloodline, and a cherished romantic aspect to the royal family.

The child of the crown is expected to master the elven arts of rapier and bow, as well as singing and a form of magic. The education of the heir is extensive and varied, from hours of book study to magically enhanced experiences, to physical training. They are not sequestered from elven society or required to marry into nobility or any particular individual, such as a betrothal. The only requirement is that the individual is a Tuathan elf. Since the marriage is guided by cyrete, the people accept that this pairing is the chosen path for the bloodline. To date, they have not found this belief to lead the royal line astray.

The Tuathan Council is a set of advisors to the crown. They often suggest law and actions to be taken to the crown, based on their connections with the people of the land The Council is 23 seats filled with elves of the four Tuathan forests, from noble families and common families, and chosen by the King/Queen. The Council considers ideas in terms of how they affect the traditions, the continuation of Tuathan society, and its flourishing. The Council does not make a decision unless given the power to do so by the Crown, but it is unusual that the decisions of the crown differ from the advice of the Council.

Leadership and the CouncilEdit

Tuathan Cities within the Four Forests of Tuatha:

Keris - center of Varynadell. Ruler is Eildur

Uthitita – center of Nadell. Ruler is Raedrim

Ceridwe – center of Simeridell. Ruler is Lafrethrial

Ilitheris – center of Illunidell. Ruler is the crown of Tuatha, who is ruler over all.

Council of 23 members: in order of longest serving.

1. Nimaelis’al (name means: Wind Whisperer of Ancient Harmony ) – (F), Songstress of Tuatha/Leader of Bardic Guild/teacher/Very old. Illunidell

2. Rendulian – (M), Weaver/Witch, Noble House of Kennyritrin, Nadell

3. Feravia – (F), Warrior/Swordmistress, Varynadell

4. Clarahdreth – (F), Wizard, Simeridell

5. Corlanoth – (M), Wizard, Nadell

6. Daelasdarim – (M), Druid, Varynadell

7. Kahnavainthi – (F), Griffonrider Knight, Illunidell

8. Therion – (M), Bookbinder/papermaker/Librarian/Loremaster, Illunidell

9. Zalastril – (F), Dancer/Bard, Simeridell

10. Garandith – (M), Merchant/Diplomat, Illunidell

11. Gilgalsel – (M), Archer/Ranger/Bowyer/Fletcher, Illunidell

12. Caslammilianna – (F), Enchanter, Nadell

13. Tydetheandul – (M), Shapeshifter/Druid, Varynadell

14. Tyninraillyn – (M), Cleric of Calistria, Simeridell

15. Vilsparrah – (F), Beastmaster/Ranger/Druid, Illunidell

16. Selonnavrel – (F), Mystic Theurge, Illunidell

17. Pyvintaenis – (M), Blademaster, Illunidell

18. Lamalitas – (F), Seer/Blind Oracle, Noble House of Hlaeghymn, Illunidell

19. Ruasanir’ath – (M), Farmer, Nadell

20. Firaithyr – (F), Alchemist, Illunidell

21. Koehlian’thal – (F), Geomancer/Summoner, Illunidell

22. Uthenevar – (M), Armorer, Simeridell

23. Rayellyn – (F) Priestess of Desna, Noble House of Aleanneldth, Illunidell